NinjaTrader 8 Tools - Installation Guide

NinjaTrader 8 Tools - Installation Guide


Installation of third-party compiled NinjaTrader 8 products may be completed through the 'NinjaScript Add-On' importer within the NinjaTrader 8 application.  This includes: add-ons, indicators, strategies, drawing tools, chartstyles, bar-types, and market analyzer columns (MACs).  Most single add-on download files do not require Zip extraction before importing.  For instructions and further information about the use of third-party add-ons, please visit the NinjaTrader 8 Help Guide:  


If your CDX product includes multiple components such as indicators, drawing-tools, workspaces, templates, or all of the above, a setup wizard may be included for fast and convenient installation.  Look for the executable "Install.exe" or equivalent within your downloaded Zip file.  You must extract the Zip file to access the contents.  All workspaces and templates (if included) may also be installed or removed manually through Windows file manager (C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\NinjaTrader 8).  Steps for each installation type are described below.

For multi-component add-ons,  extract the Zip file  into a temporary folder using the standard Windows Zip 'Extract' function or equivalent.


1)  Exit the NinjaTrader 8 application before proceeding

2)  Copy your CDX product license key to the clipboard [Ctrl+C] for easy activation.  The license key may be retrieved from your purchase confirmation email or the CDX Account Center.

3) Launch the "Install.exe" or equivalent setup wizard.  Click through in any Windows security alerts if necessary.  **Alerts may occur in certain cases where CDX has not signed all files in the package.  Apps downloaded directly from are verified safe.

4) Follow the setup wizard, pasting the license key when prompted.

5) Launch NinjaTrader 8 and connect to your data feed through Control Center --> Connections .

6) Open one of the example workspaces provided or begin creating your own custom workspace through Control Center --> Workspaces --> new .


1) Launch the NinjaTrader 8 application.  Navigate to the 'Control Center' window.

2) From the top menu bar, navigate to Tools --> Import --> NinjaScript Add-On.

3) From the file-browser window, locate and select your downloaded product .zip file. Press Open.

4) You may receive a NinjaTrader warning disclaimer.  When you are ready to proceed with the installation, press OK.

5) When completed successfully, you should receive a confirmation dialogue: "NinjaTrader successfully imported all scripts contained in the NinjaScript Archive File"

6) Repeat steps 2-5 for ALL product files you wish to install.  If you've purchased a Tool Suite, there may be several separate .zip files within your download.

7) Software Activation:  When using this method, activate each license key individually through its properties window.
    Reference:  Activation for NinjaTrader 8 Products


All NinjaTrader local user files should be stored at the following location:
        C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\NinjaTrader 8

Reference the following directory locations:
Workspace Files: (.xml)
        C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\NinjaTrader 8\workspaces

Template Files : (.xml)
        C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\NinjaTrader 8\templates

Indicator Files: (.cs)
        C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom\Indicators

Drawing Tool Files: (.cs)
        C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom\DrawingTools

ChartStyle Files: (.cs)
        C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom\ChartStyles

Strategy Files: (.cs)
        C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom\Strategies


Access to certain CDX drawing tools through add-on toolbars or indicators is provided via linking of keyboard HotKeys.  If your product includes a drawing utility and you wish to use the add-on toolbar or button(s), you must verify the hotkey assignment is correct for the provided tool.

1)     From the top menu bar, navigate to Tools --> Hot Keys --> Chart --> Drawing sub-section.

2)   Select the appropriate HotKey you wish to change and enter the key-combination provided.  



     ATR Box

     Zone Lines

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