MetaTrader 4 Tools - Installation Guide

MetaTrader 4 Tools - Installation Guide

IMPORTANT- Most CDX indicators for MT4 require the 'Allow DLL Imports' setting to be enabled.
This can be set individually on each indicator you apply to a chart through- 
Indicator List [Ctrl+i] > Edit > Common tab > Allow DLL imports
**Tools menu > Expert Advisers tab > Allow DLL imports
**For the latter setting, this will enable DLL imports automatically so please be cautious to only use trusted third-party apps.

Installation of ChartDynamix tools for MetaTrader 4 may be completed by two methods:
1)  using the provided CDX Setup Wizard (if included)
2)  manually copying files to the applicable MT4 user data folder
Most single-script download files do not require Zip extraction before importing.

If your product includes multiple components such as apps, indicators, profiles, templates, or all of the above, it is recommended to use the Setup Wizard for fast and convenient installation.  Look for the executable "[AppName]-setup.exe" or equivalent within your downloaded ZIP package.  Steps for each installation type are described below.

For most multi-component products, your downoad will be in zip format.  Ex tract the Zip file  into a temporary folder using the standard Windows Zip 'Extract' function or equivalent.


1) Exit the MetaTrader 4 application.

2) Copy your CDX product license key to the clipboard [Ctrl+C] for easy activation.
   The license key may be retrieved from your purchase confirmation email or the CDX Account Center.

3) Launch the [AppName]-setup.exe or equivalent setup wizard.  Click through any Windows security alerts if necessary.
Alerts may occur in certain cases where CDX has not signed all files in the package.  Apps downloaded directly from us are verified safe.
4) Follow the setup wizard instructions, pasting the license key when prompted.

5) Launch MetaTrader 4 and connect to your data feed through File --> Login to Trading Account or Open an Account .

6) Open one of the example profiles included with your product or begin creating your own custom profile and save it through File --> Profiles --> Save As .


1) All MetaTrader 4 custom user files may be accessed from within the application under File --> Open Data Folder
   The location of this folder is generally found at:

2) Copy all .ex4 (expert) files to their respective locations.
   Reference the following file locations within the Terminal app data folder:
Indicators: (.ex4) or (.mq4)

Experts: (.ex4) or (.mq4)

Scripts: (.ex4) or (.mq4)

Profiles: (folder)

Templates: (.tpl)


Activation of certain CDX tool functions is achieved via keyboard hotkeys.  If your product includes a function of this type, the hotkey is listed below.

To change the hotkey assignment-

1)  From the Navigator window (View --> Navigator Window), find the applicable script or tool.

2)  Right-click on the applicable tool and choose "Set Hot Key".

3)  Double-click in each of the Control and Key column cells and set the desired key.  

[ALT] + S
When a chart window is selected and the hotkey is pressed, all other chart windows in the profile will be set to the same chart symbol.

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