CDXAnchorTrend - Invalid Trend Displayed

CDXAnchorTrend - Invalid Trend Displayed


Depending on how your FXTS platform options are configured, you may occasionally see inaccurate results when trend is displayed.

For example, take a look at the chart below.
At the bottom of the chart (left-most red arrow), trend indicates a Sideways Down condition.  At this point, the trend is accurate.
However, once trend breaks the anchor leg in the opposite direction (previous red candle), the trend should change to a violation state.

This does NOT occur due to the following reasons:
      - Either gaps are enabled in the data stream
      - Weekend data is hidden/excluded from the data stream


AnchorTrend calculates trend directly from the data as it comes through the platform.  To properly represent trend, it is best to show the weekend data and hide the price gaps.  
(Hiding price gaps will cause the candles to use the prior candle's close price as the open price.  Additional information on these topics candle be found by clicking the links at the bottom of the article.)

These settings can be found under the File menu, then Options > General Options settings.  The screenshot below shows the recommended settings.

Once these settings have been applied, the trend changes properly as seen in the following screenshot.
Gaps are now hidden, and proper trend is reflected after a Sideways Up state, changing to a  Sideways, Up Confirmed state once the anchor leg is broken, continuing the new uptrend.



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