Applying Indicators to Alternate Input Series

Applying Indicators to Alternate Input Series

Multiple Data Series objects can be be viewed within a single chart window, and there are several ways to add Data Series to a chart.

Adding Data Series

When you open a new chart, one or more Data Series will be applied, based on the instruments that you selected when creating the chart. You can add more Data Series to the chart (or remove existing Data Series) at any time via the following process:


1. Open the Data Series dialogue by either clicking the Data Series menu item on the chart toolbar, right-clicking in the chart and selecting the Data Series menu item from the Right Click menu, or double-clicking any selected Data Series on the chart.

2. Use the Instrument Selector or the Search Tool above the "Applied" section in the Data Series window to select a new Data Series.

3. Configure the Data Series' parameters as desired in the "Properties" section, then click the OK button




In the image above, we can use the Instrument Selector to add a Data Series to a chart which is already open.

Indicator Input Series

The indicator Input Series dialogue allows you to select the Input Series for your indicator's calculations. To access this window, left mouse click within the "Input Series" field. You can then select the Close, High, Low, Median, Open, Typical, or Weighted price of any Data Series applied to the chart. Alternatively, you can choose another indicator as the input series. When you select another indicator as the input series, The "Properties" section of the Input Series dialogue will display properties related to the indicator being used as the Input Series, allowing you to configure it to your desired settings. This allows you to nest multiple indicators. Once you have selected the Input Series of your choice, left mouse click the OK button to exit the Input Series window.




In the image above, we can select one of the Data Series applied to the chart, or another indicator, for use as an indicator's Input Series.


Note: To take advantage of this feature NinjaScript indicators will need to implement the Input ISeries as their main data input.

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