AnchorTrend Scanner - Installation Guide

AnchorTrend Scanner - Installation Guide

Connect to a Data Source

To use the AnchorTrend Scanner, you must first connect to a Forex data source.  Currently OANDA and FXCM APIs are supported.  You may purchase the FXCM API Plugin here.

Activate an OANDA API Token

OANDA API Tokens may be activated online through OANDA's website with your live or demo account.
  1.  Sign In to your Oanda Account:
    (user names and passwords are case sensitive)
  2. From your account page, select Manage API Access
    (As of this article date, only one API token is allowed per user account at a time)
  3. Select the Generate button to create your API key. Your key will be generated and displayed for you.
    The key is only displayed to you once. Be sure to copy [Ctrl+C] and store it securely. You will need to enter this into the AnchorTrend Scanner settings.

  4. Return to your account page and select Manage Funds.
    Copy [Ctrl+C] your Primary v20 Account Number and store it securely. You will enter this into the AnchorTrend Scanner data setup.

Install the Application

  1. Sign in to your Account Center at 

  2. Select  File Downloads  and download your product

  3. Select  License Keys  and copy your product key to the clipboard. 

  4. Extract Zip File
    If your download comes in Zip format, 
    extract the file into a temporary folder using the standard Windows Zip 'Extract' function or equivalent.

  5. Launch the AnchorTrend Scanner Setup Wizard (*.exe) found inside the ZIP archive.

  6. Proceed through the Setup Wizard, entering your license key when prompted.

Initial Setup

  1. API Connection
    On first launch of the application, you will be presented with the API Connection setup window
    Enter the required
    Account ID and API token collected in the previous steps above.
    FXCM API users will enter their standard Username and Password, the same credentials used for the FXCM Trading Station platform.

  2. From the AnchorTrend Scanner Desktop, use the File menu to open an example layout or begin creating your own layout with individual scanners.